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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we need to raise the bar above what we see here. >>eric: we put together a chart, and the labor participation rate is very important number. tell us why that number is important? we are putting the chart on the screen while you talk, going from the upper left of the chart down to the lower right. what does that mean? >>guest: well, this is a chart that shows the fraction of americans who are choosing to try to work, to look if a job. they are either employed or unemployed and looking. that decline reflects three things: number one, good news that we could have teenagers for longer looking for work and getting an education. you like to think that is a big part of it. it is not. the remainder is discouraged workers who have given up trying to find a job. that's a waste thought only of productive resources but it is a terrible social tragedy. they may never get back in the labor force and may never have the years they wanted. >>eric: doug, if you brought all the people, if you take
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february of 2009 when president obama raised his right hand, the first full month in august, you take the number, the participation rate from that day and you bring it back to today's number, back to that date you are talking three or tour million more people who may be in the labor force. if they are in the labor force, unemployment could be 10 percent or 11 percent or 12 percent. >>guest: it would be around 11 percent if you put them if the labor force. the broadest measure of official underememployment, the u6, that measures discouraged workers and those working part time but not by choice but because there is not enough demand, that number is 15 percent and it was rising in this report. if you look broadly, it is hard to make the case this is a good news story for the american work er. >>eric: all this was going on, where are all the washington lawmakers?
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>> love it. >>eric: okay. well, maybe that is not them. but washington, dc, sure did empty -- i see pelosi going across the screen? washington emptied out fast as congress left for five weeks with in deal on taxes or jobs. that is not making firm presidential candidate herman cain very happy. boy, it would be nice to get a five week vacation every couple of months. >>guest: i wish i could. look, that was the g.s.a. planning that next get away. look, i got a new acronym to describe congress "a.i.r.," arrogance, irresponsibility, and we are headed for a recession. how about that? they go on a five-week vacation and they keep kicking the can down the road. we are not in a recovery.
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these numbers prove it. you know that blip up in the stock market? you know and i know that is the stock market anticipating companies predicting they will make their quarterly profit numbers despite this government and despite what is going on. they are kicking the did down the road. we already are talking, we have one more month in the quarter and all of the companies they measure if that stock market thing, they are saying, yes, they will make their numbers despite what going on in washington, dc. >>eric: i noticed one of the strongest sectors in jobs report was restaurants and bars. >>guest: yes. the unemployment rate, that's where you fine people that are underemployed. nothing wrong with having plenty of people to work in restaurants. the restaurant people love it. but you have people that are overqualified for the jobs. the restaurant industry usually is a starting place for a lot people that may not have a lot of skills.
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you are right, restaurantses and bars, why? people are it will going to eat. they are still going to try to drown some of their misery in this sort of thing. the fact of the matter is, as the previous guest indicated, we are looking at an atrocious unemployment level with too many people getting totally discouraged. >>eric: sir, would you korea in -- weigh in on chick-fil-a. that controversy, where is it for you? >>guest: well, i i talked with him two days ago. he did not say he was against marriage. he said he was for traditional marriage. look, this is what is so ridiculous about this whole accusation toward chick-fil-a. this concept has been closed on sunday since its inception. duh. maybe they do believe in traditional marriage. this is no surprise.
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this is simply an attempt on the part of the gay community to try and leverage their beliefs on another institution, a private company, since they can't seem to get enough attention. that is what this is all about. so, chick-fil-a has every right -- let me tell you what else i found out when i talked to dan the other way. the public saying, we will not be politically bullied, and we will not support someone who does not believe that he should exercise free speech, they voted with their feet and their dollars. his sales were in excess of $30 million that day which is almost twice his previous high because the american public is saying, we are not stupid. there is going to be a carry over effect in november. >>eric: $30 million, that is the first i heard that number.
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can we show you a sound bite of a gentleman who pulled up to a chick-fil-a appreciation day. he, really, took apart, a clerk at a drive through. please weigh in. >> let's see what happens. i may just say a few words. i am getting a free water because chick-fil-a is a hateful corporation. >> we are always happy to serve everyone. >> i don't know how you live with yourself and work here. this is a horrible corporation with more ill values. please, weigh in on rachel. what would you do for her? >>guest: i would talk to rachel and say, rachel, you did the right thing.
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that is, you indicated to this jerk that you were not comfortable being videotaped. she did her job. second, he is a bully they try to beat up on a young kid who probably is in school, doing her job. that is a coward. then, for him to talk about chick-fil-a and their values, when he has absolutely no idea about their values, no, he and others like him, are the ones practicing hate. hate against private business that chooses to recognize the first amendment, that chooses to be supportive, individually, of traditional marriage and all the other great value. he is one other thing that the jerk in the car didn't realize. they are going do take a lot of the excess profits they got on that day and contribute it to
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the charitable organizations they support in even bigger numbers. this is why all of these attacks against chick-fil-a are simply ridiculous in terms of they are trying to push their agenda on chick-fil-a. the member member are saying we will not put up with pulley -- bully politics. >>eric: i asume the bully in the car would be fired if he worked for you. >>guest: he would be fired if he worked for me. he went back to work and he was fired because his boss, his boss, found out because he put his face on the internal! so he was fired. i would have fired him, also. >>eric: always good to talk to you, sir. coming up? >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years. >> harry reid has to put up or shut up. >>eric: governor romney hitting back with harry reid with a speech but a growing newspaper are calling for a
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lawsuit. can he sue?
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>>eric: today, romney ripping. >> hear really has to put up or shut up. all right? so, harry reid, who are your sources? let's have harry reid plain who that is. i have paid taxes every year. and a lot of taxes.
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a lost taxes. so, harry reid is rome. that is why i am anxious for to us give us the names of the people who have put this forward. >>eric: that was a claim from senator harry reid that has governor romney firing back. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any tacks for 10 years. let him prove he has paid taxes. because he hasn't. we already know from one partial tax return that he gave us he has money hidden in bermuda, the kay men islands and a swiss bank account. >>eric: if harry reid is wrong, does governor romney have grounds do sue? lis, we will start but. senator harry reid making some pretty important accusations that governor romney didn't pay taxes. he didn't say he didn't pay taxes. >> and he is a public figure so if there is a suit going
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forward, which there will be not, because there is no way he would win, but if he went forward with it, he is a public figure, you have to prove actual malice, he went forward with the accusations having in colleague they were maybe possibly right, in fact, even knowing they were not right and we don't know that. >>eric: we did not know that unless we have an e-mail. or a third party. >> public figures have a harder time with the suit but it is not impossible by any stretch. yes, he has to prove actual knowledge or reckless disregard which i think this reaps that level. false speech is not protected. >>lis: how does he prove it is false speech? people were giving him thisness. and he did not know if it was true. that is different from saying, i am telling a lie out there to bring down the public figure. >>guest: we have not heard anything. if any suit was instigated there
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would be discovery. harry reid did a difficult thing here which when he said the payment he then said, i'm not certain if there is true, usually the defense of the defamer is the truth and he took that away from himself so would be a suit and there has been --. >>lis: talk about discovery for a second because that means everything comes out. what does that mean in this indication? all the taxes that romney did or did not pay, necessity would have to come out. that is why governor romney is not --. >>eric: if romney sues harry reid, romney has to bring the taxes out. >>lis: yes, because truth is the ultimate defense. >>eric: does it matter where he said that? >>lis: it is not going to rise to the legal of a lawsuit because of the first amendment. he has a right to say it unless you can prove malice were can you not do that very often with the public figure. >> less than six months ago, a state senator senator in iowa
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was successful in doing just that, so to say it is impossible, it is possible. >>lis: not with these facts. it is not possible. it isn't. >>eric: there, is there any recourse the governor can have other than -- well, he did. >>guest: he can say, bring it on and pull out his tacks and show the american public and say, look, you were wrong. you were wrong. you slandered me. you lose in a public forum. >>eric: but is there a line? can someone say in a public forum, a public official, elected official, can they say, lis, she is stealing money. >>lis: they can say, unless you can prove you, when you made that statement with the public figure, you knew absolutely that way were saying was wrong, and the only reason you did was to bring that person down, that's a standard. actual malice. >>guest: or reckless disregard of the truth.
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just coming out and saying anything with in proof. if he does have some proof, if he has seen private tax information, there is additional difficulty and whether it goes forward with a lawsuit, what about an ethic charge? he was on the floor. there are issues with doing that. >>lis: he said high had sources. they may be wrong. but he said he had at least two sources. in a reporting world that is enough to go failure. >>eric: the only way to find out what the sources are would be to bring the suit and turn over the tax records. >>lis: discovery. that will never happen. >>eric: that is sneaky. >>lis: i am shocked you saying that. >>guest: but the recourse is, the american people will support romney to say we understand that this is due process. can you not accuse someone of anything. >>eric: but, you -- you said you cannot just accuse people, but he is, senator harry reid is accusing mitt romney of not paying taxes or lying the i am
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not sure of what. >>lis: the best recourse is that the american public will stand by him. >>lis: then turn over the tax records if you are that incensed , turn them over. >>eric: thank you both very much. these are the chick-fil-a protests today. >> this was huckabee on chick-fil-a appreciation day. plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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>>eric: this video in, two midwest walmart stores evacuated with bomb threats. there have been a dozen of the threats in the last week. >> now a look at vandals spray
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painting "taste like hate," on a chick-fil-a restaurant. in hours crews scrubbed off the wores and repained the remaining but the graffiti comes on a day chick-fil-a is targeted by protesters across the country. john roberts is outside chick-fil-a in georgia with the latest. john? >>reporter: this was none of that here at this chick-fil-a location, a spirited protest, a very polite protest. but smaller than what the organizers expected. they hoped 500 would come out. but they got 30 people. the reaction on facebook is not surprising. during wednesday's protests, in favor of chick-fil-a, because it would be a demonstration in favor of chick-fil-a, 641,000 people on huckabee's facebook said they were going. at last count on the facebook page for this counter demonstration, i saw 13,000 who said they were going. unlike wednesday's protest,
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which was all about free speech and c.e.o. of chick-fil-a being able to express his views on the bible's view of marriage without bees persecuted people said we don't know what he said. but the company is persecuting gays and lesbians because it gives money to organizations that are campaigning against same-sex marriage. one person i talked to felt that the country is moving in the direction of acceptance. here is what he told me. >> this is the last thing left. blacks and whites everyone not allowed to marry 40 years ago. women were considered property during suffrage. it will take time. >>reporter: if you look at pot willing from pew public policy poll he is right. this is a change from 2008 to 2012 among all people, 48
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percent now support the idea of same-sex marriage versus 44 percent against. that is an increase of 9 percent. democrats most likely to support it at 65 percent, an increase of 15 percent. independents, slightly in the majority now, 51 percent. and democrats have gone up five points to 24 percent people what say they do favor same-sex marriage. the protest we saw here in decatur was organized separately by a local group. it took place between 11:30 and 1:30 but the nation-wide call is tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern so we will see later how that goes. >>eric: thank you, john problems from -- john roberts from georgia. the chick-fil-a protest brought out small crowds but on wednesday, there were long lines, people were wrapping armed the corner to show their support to the man behind wednesday's appreciation day. thanks for joining us. about 30 people at the
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demonstration yet on wednesday, there were hundreds of thousands. >>governor huckabee: it was amazing. people are tired of being told if you are a christian and you hold a worldview of march you are supposed to shut up. nobody is saying people are not free to be gay or to have whatever view they want. that has to go both ways. the intolerance bullying toward chick-fil-a as a company because their owner said something is ridiculous. it is un-american. when government officials like mayors starting saying they would try to stop this company from doing commerce in their city because of the view of the c.e.o., my gosh, that's iran, north korea, that is not america. >>eric: that was chicago and boston mayors. is this about gay marriage or the first amendment? >>guest: it is whether a christian or anyone can speak their convictions. muslims have the same view of same-sex marriage.
4:25 pm
did you see the mayor of bought condemn the muslims? he gave a $1.8 million piece of property to build an islamic center in boston the day that rahm emanuel is condemning chick-fil-a he as his arounds around farrakhan partnering with him to stop the runaway crime epidemic. it is the hypocrisy and the double standard, the fact that this open season to bully christians and all in the name of tolerance and diversity. people are tired of it. >>eric: i play this for herman cain. can we play the sound bite again? no, we cannot. so you know of the kid who went through the driveway and gave the clerk a hard time. what would you say to that guy? >>guest: he was a jerk. she is just working and doing her job. this is no evidence whatever that any chick-fil-a discriminates to employees or to customers. they are gracious. they were gracious to him. they gave him free water. she was polite. she is a hero. she took it, a lot of us would
4:26 pm
want to grab the guy and pull him out and dump the water on hill. she was polite and kind. she is the epitamy of what chick-fil-a tells their employees to be. he, i thought, was a bully. and a jerk. earthquake, we have reports of police involvement in a couple of chick-fil-a around the country. they were called because of anxiety brewing. i didn't hear of any of them on wednesday on the appreciation day. >>governor huckabee: when the crowds were thousands of times bigger they were polite and gracious with reports that people would pay for the next ten people in line. when people stood in line for hours and the place ran out of food they said that is okay i will buy a gift card. people broke out in spontaneous season of patriotic songs. it was an extraordinary day. not one moment of trouble that i am aware in the stores. it just says people were not protesting, they were not against something, they were
4:27 pm
saying in america, we can still take our stand for what we believe even if it is christian and if it is old fashioned family values. >>eric: you told me a big number on youtube views. >>governor huckabee: facebook had 21 million views in six days. that's when facebook pulled us down and sensor the us for 13 hours. we breasted and they put it back up. they were going to pull us because they had been told we were antigay site which obviously we were not. >>eric: we will leave it right there and you can watch mike huckabee on saturday at 8:00 p.m. so you probably have a little of the chick-fil-a video? >>governor huckabee: we will, so tune in and watch. we have a great show lined up. >>eric: can't we all just get along? that's the one plea from a man making partisan politics fierce in washington. >> can you believe it, republicans are on the lanes and trains and automobiles head the
4:28 pm
out of washington if a month when they have not provided tax cuts for mill class americans cuts for mill class americans and small businesses. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade.
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ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. >>eric: in washington, dc, geithner sat down with a tough talking democrat, patty murray. >> to we cannot get a good deal, a balanced deal, that calls on the wealthy to pay their fair share, i will absolutely continue this debate into 2013 rather than lock in a long-term deal this year that theys middle-class families under the bus. >>eric: was geithner giving her a scolding? in the quite. and now, rich, what was that about? >>reporter: well, we will find out exactly what happens with the tax rates some time after the election. talked to a person familiar with this meeting and that person
4:32 pm
said treasury secretary geithner and senator murray talked about general fiscal issues. they were not focused only on the fiscal cliff. but there is speculation out there, according to one report, that, perhaps, the treasury secretary was asking the senator to pull her her position on taxes, a person familiar with the talks said. that is not accurate. at the white house this afternoon, president obama was talking fiscal cliff and taxes and charged republicans for threatening the economy. >> on wednesday, they voted to hold the middle class tax cuts hostage unless we also spent $1 trillion over the next decade on tax breaks for the wealthiest 2 percent of americans. in fact, it is worse than that because their plan would raise taxes on 25 million hard-working american families by about $1,000 each. would report the response from speaker boehner, he says top democrats say they willing to let taxes rise on middle-class
4:33 pm
families and tank our economy and pose threats to our national security the it is reckless and wrong. house republicans are not standing for it. for a few months, it is a stalemate in washington, dc. earthquaker thank you, have a great weekend. republicans and democrats could be on vacation today but they could not leave town last night without throwing some verbal punches first. listen to this. >>guest: we have done our work. we will continue to do our work. obviously we need the other chamber to be some what functional. >> the only thing the republicans is done is to increase the uncertainty tt threatens another debt crisis and undermines our economic growth. >> it is a shame the democrats control the senate voted today to adjourn for over a month. they have in the even voted on a budget for 1,191 days. >> can you believe it?
4:34 pm
republicans are on their planes, trains and automobiles headed out of washington, dc, for a month and they have in the provided tax cut for middle -- class americans and for small businesses. >>eric: all this has my next guest asking, can't we all just get along? there is a campaign for civility in america. we put up the full screen of the ad, a divided house, the capitol with a crack. hasn't it always been divided, though, sir? >>guest: i don't think it has been divided quite this bad unless we go back 100 years or more to abraham lincoln. we talk polling a little while ago and showed that eight out of ten americans are tremendously frustrated by this kind of bitter political debate, lack of civility. three fourths of americans think it is getting worse. i don't think it has always been
4:35 pm
this bad. >>eric: what do you attribute the increase in civility to? >>guest: well, there is a politics of personal destruction. we see that a lot. it's more an attitude of destroying our political opponent so we can get 100 percent of what we want. rather than sit down at table, seriously, and try to work with each other. i understand i have to work with the other side. they are not going away. maybe the best way to achief something is to be more civil. have a discussion of the issues. >>eric: but we see if the primaries, in the races, the negative advertising seems to work and people are inundated with negative advertising and it moves the needle. do you suggest we eliminate negative political advertising? >>guest: well, we have seen that it works in the past. it is not a quote of pointing
4:36 pm
out issues where an opponent or particular candidate is moving away from his record or obfuscating his record but it is the tone account manner we engage if a political discussion, so, yes, if what we are seeing in the polling is accurate, that eight out of ten americans are terribly frustrated with the way this political debate is being conducted, perhaps negative campaigning will not be as effect i. >>eric: i hope you are right. i am in the sure, however, that -- it is a tough message to get through to the lawmakers in washington, dc. >>guest: we have to start somewhere so that is why we have this petition. >>eric: job numbers are out. who comes out on top? that is next.
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>> give middle-class appeals and small business owners a guarantee that their taxes will not go up next year. when families have the security of knowing their taxes will not go up, they are more likely to spend and more likely to grow the economy. >> 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work or way underemployed, 23 million, the official number 8.3 percent, the longest period of time, 42 months, the longest period of time we have had unemployment above 8 percent in american history. >>eric: the presidential candidates duking it out over the job numbers. and now larry sabato, how will it play out? important, important numbers. time is running out if rebound is hoping to see a number below 8 percent unemployment before
4:41 pm
the election. >>guest: you just put your finger on it, the white house has been expecting and, now, hoping for, the jobless rate to go down below 8 percent. cynics nice say, well, it is planned for the friday before the tuesday election. that's the final jobs report. but to this point, there is really in indication or not much indication that is going to happen. when you have an uptick in the jobs numbers at midsummer, as you said, there are only three reports left. so, you have to go back to franklin roosevelt to find a president who has been re-elected with jobs numbers, unemployment numbers, this high. ing it has been 8 percent or higher for president obama's entire term. >> it is dealer, larry, that governor romney will stay on the jobless numbers, he will say on the "you didn't build that message," regarding the economy. what do you think president obama will do? what should he do? what is his message going to be
4:42 pm
the next 95 days? >>guest: well, he is going to continue to say "don't forget what i inherited." does that work? sometimes it does. here is why: the democrats have only been in control of the white house for four years. if you look back at the 20th century, there is only one case of a party being then out of the white house after just four years. that was jimmy carter. normally, a president add mid-term if conditions are bad, he can blame it at least partly on the prior administration. so that is one thing that obama is going to do. the second thing, obviously, is to say, my policies are working, it is going to get better, and, by the way, it will be so much worse if romney is elected and the republicans are put in charge of congress. i summed up the campaign for you >>eric: there is one more, gasoline juneed 24 cents on acknowledge in the month of
4:43 pm
july, the largest july jump ever. how much will that play into either of those hopes to become president or remain president? >>guest: it will become a your theme for romney and the republican campaign assuming it continues after labor day. normally the gas prices go down sometime after labor day but nothing has been playing according to rule this year. who knows what will happen? if gas prices go up it will continue to be an issue. >>eric: manufacturing group calling the job numbers pathetic with only 25,000 manufacturing jobs added last month, modest unionment over the prior months. the president holding 128 campaign-related events this career but meeting with the jobs council just one time. is that the problem? my guest is the c.e.o. of the national association of manufacturers. thank you for joining. manufacturing is a big, big
4:44 pm
talking point. it is very important to the american committee. what is the state of manufacturing in america today, right now? >>guest: it is uncertain. everyone is talking about manufacturing. it doesn't matter if you are republican, if you are a democrat, an independent, everyone wants manufacturing to succeed because they understand strong manufacturing sector drives the economy, grows the economy, and creates jobs. >>eric: what moves the needle on the manufacturing survey? what makes that go up? what makes things better? >>guest: that is a perfect question. we have surveyed manufacturers for industry week each quarter. two-thirds of manufacturers right now say that the economy, future economy, is their biggest concern. it is because we have a 20 percent cost disadvantage in the country for manufacturing in the united states versus inquire else. that is because our tax policy, it is because of our regulatory
4:45 pm
policy, because of our energy policy, among others. so, until we drive that cost down, and we eliminate the uncertainty that looming at the end of this year because of the fiscal abyss with tax increases and defense sequestration, manufacturers are very reluctant to invest and grow their businesses here in this country. >>eric: president obama appointed the head of the jobs council and in the time he has been able to have 126 fundraisers or campaign events he has had one jobs council meeting. is that a concern to you as head of the manufacturing group? >>guest: i have to tell you that entire council did a fantastic job listening to businesses and manufacturers all across the country. they produced a report that outlines several steps toward economic recovery. but the real issue is this: whoever the president is, whoever occupies the halls of congress, they have to get
4:46 pm
serious about reducing that 20 percent cost disadvantage for manufacturers in this country. if they truly want to see manufacturing succeed and thrive in the united states. and create the jobs we know manufacturing can create, if they have the right economic conditions to do so. >>eric: tell me, can we be a manufacturing powerhouse again? >>guest: we are. >>eric: are we, still? >>guest: absolutely. we are responsible for a fifth of the work's manufacturing output. we want did grow that number. we can grow that number as long as we have the right policies. we need candidates, regardless of political party, to stand up and say what they will do with regard to taxes and regulation. >>eric: talk about that. taxes and regulation, what about repatriating the money? which would you be in favor of dropping that tax down to zero and bring the money back in that
4:47 pm
would help you out? >>guest: you have to look at what is possible if congress regardless of who controls it. bring back the $2 trillion that is staying offshore because our current policy double taxes that pun, if we bring that must be back to this country and allow it to be invested here, and we create the right regulatory environment, of course, we create more jobs, we create more manufacturing opportunities. >>eric: we will leave it there. a plan i floated and a lot of washington, dc lawmakers agree, bring it back tax free, they would save 25 percent and make sure people like you see it in the form of capital investment. >>guest: i will not disagree. >>eric: ain't this sweetst a global warming activist telling republican senator got is trying to get his attention. that is next. ...
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>>eric: have you ever seen a streetlight melt? one tv station thought they had seen it and climate change activists latched on to the photo as global warming proof and taunting the global warming concept tim senator inhofe with a picture on twitter. senator inhofe, so, i am looking at pictures and they are dramatic. melting street lamps but they are only melting on one side, toward the street, right? >>guest: that is right. you have to wonder who set the fire below there before they took the picture. it is interesting, isn't it? it was, i guess, the think
4:52 pm
progress, they made the big issue and they said that senator inhofe god may be trying to get your attention. check out this picture. but we found out it was because they lit a fire under it. >>eric: they brought god into it. >>guest: we have not heard about global warming if three years. now everyone is talking about it and we have had several discussions last week on the floor on this. there is one thing that all the scientists agree, you cannot take one or two or a cluster of weather events and say it is global warming. so, it is a nice try. though. >>eric: senator, when there is a big snow storm in new york, it is cold, december, big, big snow storm, and i have a copy of al gore's book, and i throw it in the know and i video tape it and say, see, there is in global
4:53 pm
warming, and the left goes crazy. they use the same theory, the same logic when it is warm. what gives? >>guest: well, what they said two winters ago, it is very, very cold with the famous igloo, my grandchild and we talked about that. at that time they said, of court, this has nothing to do with global warming we know the weather and climate are two different things. suddenly we have a hot summer and they change their mine. >> john kerry, senator john kerry, equated global warming to be as dangerous as syria or mahmoud ahmadinejad in i ran developing nuclear weapons. what do you say? >>guest: isn't that just amazing? it was john kerry and nancy pelosi and hillary clinton and several others who went to copenhagen and said we would pass cap and trade and i had to
4:54 pm
go over with the truth squad. they come up with more and more hysterical things. the credibility is gone and we have to rebuild america. and if you want to do something about manufacturing in our country, look at the overregulation. you talk to any manufacturers and they will tell you, that is one thing, the second thing is, the uncertainty as to whether or not we will have the energy with the war, the obama war on if sill fuels to manufacturing. >>eric: got do look it there, senator, energy your warm weekend in oklahoma. that is it for us. i will head over to "the five," across the breezeway but don't change the channel. it will be a go one. i had a good time filling in for neil cavuto this week. enjoyed it very were. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity...
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>> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tantaros, and greg gutfeld. this is "the five"!
4:58 pm
♪ ♪ >> kimberly: the chick-fil-a drama intensifies today with activists staging protest at restaurants across the country two days after hundreds of thousands showed their support for the restaurant. but remember yesterday, when we showed you the guy who bullied the chick-fil-a employee? >> this is my free water? >> it is. >> awesome. >> you know why i'm getting the free water, right? because chick-fil-a is hateful corporation. >> wow you wouldn't -- >> i know, but, i know but the corporation gives money to hate groups. hate groups. i don't believe corporations should be giving money to hate groups. >> i'm -- >> i totally understand. i don't know how you live with yourself and work here. i don't understand it. this is horrible corporation. >> we're here to serve -- >> you deserve better. >> i hope you have a nice day. >> i will. i just did something good. i feel purposeful. thank you very much.
4:59 pm
i'm a nice guy by the way and i'm totally heterosexual. not gay in me. >> kimberly: what a mess! that guy, adam smith, just lost his job over that incident. he is a cfo at medical supply manufacturer. you are not a fan. what do you think of the firing? >> greg: how did he get to be a cf? not on his people skills. but he is weighing offers between nbr and current tv. he's got something locked up. he is a victim of tolerance judo. you get so expressed with expressing mock outrage you knock yourself out in your own arrogance. it's a win for people who are sick of phony outrage. i feel bad that he got fireded. you know i'm lying. >> kimberly: no, you don't. why should he have his job in he doesn't deserve to have the position. not a responsible human being. didn't show any maturity or civility whatsoever, beating up on a poor nice


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